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Why should the Video Library player be installed?
The Vdieo Library player is a kind of video player that is very powerful, and can provide very clear playing effect. All the video resources from the Yuanlai Education Company should be watched only with this player. So before you watch videos in this website, please first install the Video Library player.
Download the Video Library player
The installation method of the Video Library player
The introduction to the Video Library player.
Function Buttons Function Explanation Remarks
播放/暂停 play/pause videos You can restart playing the video from where you paused last time.
停止 stop video playing You can restart the video from beginning.
播放时间与状态 showing present playing time/duration of the video/stop etc.  
视频选择 the pulldown list shows relative programs to this video You can search for other relative videos, or videos of the same kind.
全屏播放 click here and you can play the video in fullscreen  
隐藏控制栏 hide the control bar When the mouse is moved to the bottom of the player, the control bar will come out again.
隐藏控制栏 subtitle switch Chinese/English/bilingual subtitles
隐藏控制栏 program saving Save the video for watching next time.
隐藏控制栏 clip saving and downloading Save the video clips and download them into your PC.
The answers to some difficult questions when playing the videos.