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Mysterious Places

Country: U.S.A
Added: 2006
Category: Culture & History
Abstract: "Mysterious Places" is an excellent introduction to some unique and fantastic places around the world: Avalon Island, an island paradise in the western seas to which King Arthur went at his death in Arthurian legend; the Maya civilization, a legendary tribe and culture; the mysterious tombs, huge stone towers and ladder-shaped monuments on the Monroeca Island… This series will take us to explore these unsettled puzzles and meanwhile, appreciate ancient relics of civilization.

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    Chaco Canyon:Secrets of the Anasazi

    Here is the story of a remarkable people and a place frozen in time. A story of how a civilization was crafted and why its voice still echoes across a thousand years later. Our story begins in a most unlikely place, they call it "the four corners regions of the United States"——the point where Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico meet.
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    Glastonbury England

    It's been one of the most mysterious places in all England. It's been said the holy grail is hidden here. And the King Arthur and his wife are buried beneath these ruins. Some say this is a magic mountain, the place where the earth and the underworld meet. Are these mere legends conjured over the centuries or is this indeed a sacred and magical place? To discover the answers, we must first experience for ourselves the mysteries of a place called Glastonbury.
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    Aachen Germany

    It is a place that is ancient and modern, mystical and mysterious. The mysteries here encompass heaven and earth. Was this cathedral built according to astronomical plan? It is linked to the thermal waters which flow here and attract people looking for cures. Are the bones of the Great King Charlesmagne tombed in this casket? These are the mysteries century old of Aachen Germany——imperial city of Charlesmagne.
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    Teotihuacan Mexico

    At height of its power, this ancient city was home to some 200,000 people. It was larger than the Imperial Rome. The people who lived here built towering pyramids, worshiped all powerful gods, and built secret tunnels where their priests performed human sacrifice. Then after flourishing for over 600 years, they simply vanished. Who were the people who lived here? Why did they leave? And where did they go?
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    American Stonehenge

    A strange stone chamber, a sacrificial altar, a mysterious carving——all a part of one of North America's most controversial archaeological sites. Who constructed this so-called "Stone Settlement"? Was it the ancient Celts or was it built more recently by native of Americans? Was astronomy a factor in its design? What does the scientific evidence suggest? How can we begin to unlock the secrets of a place they call "American Stonehenge"?
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    Salem Massachusetts

    Witches, throughout history, we vision them as the most magical and wicked. They even thrill us, even terrify us. And we remain curious. It is this curiosity that roars thousands of visitors every year to a town on the east coast of New England, a town known as Salem Massachusetts. This bustling seaside community, 16 miles northeast of Boston, has many tales of the tell of witches and witchcraft.
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    Menorca Spain

    This is a land of wind and stone. This is a land of T-shape monument, haunting burial chambers, great stone towers and sacrificial altars. These remarkable megalithic ruins 2,000 to 4,000 years old are there to witness storm, sometimes violent prehistoric past. But who built them? And why? What ancient rituals were held here? Here on the mysterious Mediterranean island of Menorca.
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    Stonehenge England

    The story begins with prehistoric people and the passion to build. They knew little about modern methods of building, mathematics or engineering. Their tools were crude yet their ambitions were grand. They built one of the most courageious constructions ever attempted by ancient men. Though no one knows what they called their creation, we call it "Stonehenge". For over 4,000 years, Stonehenge has survived——an enigmatic presence on the English landscape.
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    Santiago De Compostela Spain

    Let's begin our journey from Galicia's ritualistic past in the northwest corner of Spain, in the town of Santiago De Compostela. For some, Santiago offers a chance to enjoy many medieval charms. For others, it offers nothing less than salvation. Dominating the town is one of Europe's first and most important medieval cathedrals——the cathedral of Santiago De Compostela.
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    The Etruscans Italy

    They are the cities of the dead——vast burial grounds with thousands of tombs laid out like houses. In some we find strange burial chambers with rooms and hallways. In others, hundreds of vivid wall paintings depict scenes of everyday life. All were crafted nearly 3000 years ago by Italy's first civilization. To investigate, we travel to central Italy——land of the ancient Etruscans.
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    New Orleans United States

    Within the city of jazz, this city of a thousand tastes, we find remnants of a once outlawed religion, we find legends of powerful priestesses, strange rituals and demagogic ceremonies. We find a city where culture clashes——a city is well-known for its celebrations of life as its attention to the afterlife. This is a story of voodoo at New Orleans Louisiana.
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    Chartres France

    Across Europe, a grand Gothic cathedral stand as an enduring and sacred legacies of the medieval ages. Their great stone sculptures and towering stained glass windows speak to us of life, death and the deepest faith. Many believe this cathedral is the world's finest monument to Gothic architecture. But behind these great doors, much of this cathedral's origin and power lie shrouded in ancient mystery. This is Chartres Cathedral.
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    Delphi Greece

    Ruins on a rocky mountain side, legends of an ancient prophet, temples of a mythical sotry. These are the shrines and sancturies, the myths and mysteries of a mystical place called Delphi——a place with influence so great——the ideas born here still shape our lives today. There are the fertile place of southern Greece——the ancient oracle of Delphi.
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    The Petroglyphs United States

    The sun rises over a soaring mesa. Mysterious images come to life——images inscribed in stone. These are Petroglyphs——timeless engravings carved centuries ago. They are the voice of an ancient people and their descendants,a link to a spiritual world. This is Petroglyph National Monument. 2000 years ago, these ancient Americans began to carve strange images on the volcanic rocks. Many of these images still survive.
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    Loch Ness Scotland

    It is one the world's most enduring mysteries, one of the world's most haunting possibilities. Does a monstrous prehistoric animal live in these waters? Some are convinced one does, some claim to have seen it, others say they have photographed it. And still the question remains: What if anything lurks in this strange body of water? What if anything glides secretly through the murky depth of Loch Ness?
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    Pompeii Italy

    The date August 24th, the year 79 AD, the place the bay of Naples Italy, a sleeping giant erupts. Two legendary cities meet their fate as their citizens meet a grue sermont. It would be nearly 2000 years before anyone who would walk these streets again. Streets, a city, a people, frozen in the throws of death. This is the story of Mount Vesuvius and the two towns, and the thousands of lives that vanished in its fury.
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    Crete Greece

    On a mountain of this island in the Mediterranean where the legend says the great Zeus was born, ancient ruins and frescoes sweep us back to antiquity, to the great Minoan civilization. More than 2000 years before Plato, they built bewildering labyrinthian palaces and gaged in death to find rituals, and then 3000 years ago vanished inexplicably. Here on the island of Crete, our search for the Minoans begins in the ancient city of Knosus.
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    Coral Castle United States

    A strange monument to unrequited love, an immigrant's mysterious passions. 1100 tons of coral rock, quarried, cored and carved by one man. This is Edly Scalnian and this is his creation——a castle made of coral here in Holmestead Florida. Coral Castle is an incredible, almost eerie testament to one man's obsession, one man's determination and memory. At this day, Edly Scalnian and his achievements remain clove in mystery.
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    Dingle Peninsula Ireland

    This is a land of ancient monuments, mysterious structures and strange shrines, a land considered holy both by pagans and early Christians. This is a sacred landscape guarded by a holy mountain. This is southwest Ireland's Dingle Peninsula. The mysterious ancient structures and puzzling monuments that dot the Dingle countryside are enigmas from Ireland's past. As you make your way through Dingle's untamed countryside, you might wonder: Why did ancient Europeans choose this area as the site of so many important monuments?
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    Masada Israel

    Everday just before dawn, hundreds of people set out on an arduous hike on a ragged plateau. They come from different places, speak different languages, worship according to different faiths, but they all come for the same reason——to see the place where one of the most haunting chapters in Jewish history unfold. They come to see an imposing stone fortress built on top of this mountain. Rising 1300 feet above the Dead Sea, this is Masada.
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    Ayers Rock Australia

    A huge sandstone rock dominates the Australian outback. At a distance it looks impenetrable——a solid mass of red rock, but look closely you'll discover a world within. It is a world crafted by nature and adorned by men. In 1873, the first Europeans to discover this place named it "Ayers Rock". But to those who have lived here for nearly 20,000 years——the aboriginal people, it is called by one name only——Ularu.
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    Jerusalem Israel

    Here between heaven and earth, first lights stream across ancient land——revealing a place of pride and fury, where wars are waged over property and ideology, for this is the crossroads of three great religions. A city destroyed and rebuilt again and again. Like buried treasure, this city's secrets are locked within the limestone of its temples, some 5000 years old. Temples stand as testament to a proud and mysterious past. This is Jerusalem——city of God.