Bioscience:Power Plants — The Indestructible Ginkgo

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Bioscience:Power Plants — The Indestructible Ginkgo

On August 6th, 1945, the apocalypse swept Hiroshima City in Japan. The experts predicted that nothing could ever survive again on the irradiated, contaminated ground. Despite all the predictions, a miracle occurred — the dead trunk sprouted young leaves. As incredible as it seems, the tree, a Ginkgo biloba, survived the catastrophe. Ginkgo not only have strong vitality, but also win good reputation in traditional medicine. Today we'll step into some regions in China and Japan to explore the secret of ancient ginkgoes.

  • Added:2006
  • Country:America
  • Duration:50
  • Time of update:2011/8/17 17:19:41

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