Reasoning:The New Detectives——Deadly Target

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Reasoning:The New Detectives——Deadly Target

An elderly man is shot dead in front of his family. No one knows where the bullet came from. How can police track down this killer? A charismatic leader of the Black Panthers is killed in police raid. His supporters say he was assassinated; the police claim they shot him in self-defense. Can a forensic expert determine who is lying? A child dies in a drive-by shooting. Can a state-of-the-art computer link evidence from this crime to another and win a conviction? It takes a split second for a gun to deliver death. Solving the crime takes much longer. But with increasing speed, expertise and accuracy, forensic detectives are zeroing in on their deadly target.

  • Added:2006
  • Country:America
  • Duration:60
  • Time of update:2011/8/26 11:22:53

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